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* R = Relaxed and Resourceful * E = Effective and Energized * A = Authentic and Alpha... * R = Relaxed and Resourceful * E = Effective and Energized * A = Authentic and Alpha * L = Lifestyle and Lasting Some of the knowledge you will receive in the Dating Black Book: * How to develop both your inner and external game * How to destroy and conquer the primary sources of your dating pain and failures. game not outdated pickup lines or ineffective techniques. game not outdated pickup lines or ineffective techniques.Carlos Xuma is about to rip open and expose all the myths about attracting beautiful women into your life...In this groundbreaking manual, The Dating Black Book, you're going to learn about women, attraction, and relationships like never before.According to Xuma, this personality types incorporates useful traits, such as emotional and social intelligence, ambition, verbal acuity, and a keen perception of character.

Background Xuma's core idea is the Alpha Male, who displays masculine and leadership behavior.

Dating Advice for Men -How to attract women and how to get a date. Learn how to approach women and talk to women, how to pickup women, dating tips, how to get a girlfriend, and all the dating advice for men you will ever need...

Hey, I just sat down with my buddy Scot Mc Kay and talked with him for a while about what it takes to attract a QUALITY woman.

Advice on Attraction Xuma argues that most of the problems men face in romance and attraction stem from a gender disadvantage: women are socialized to be collaborators and communicators from early childhood, while men are socialized as independent and competitors.

His instruction aims to rehabilitate of a man's self-confidence.

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