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Validating wireless network

Xperience supports all major network technologies of Mobile Networks, Fixed Networks and Wi-Fi within one system.Xperience is ready to be used as hosted service, in the cloud or in-house installation.The most common activities on the technical infrastructure may be like: • Installation and repair at Customer’s home; • Installation or reorientation of LTE/Wi-Fi antennas; • Establish new fiber/x DSL/cable connections; Xperience solution allows the teams to be notified in real time of work orders closed, providing successful execution control and avoiding recurrent truck rolls to the site.Xperience Work Order confirmation solution can reduce your OPEX in at least 30% with second truck rolls.This allows the site to be ready for service with higher efficiency, and quality of service Xperience is based on a high-performance “Probe-Server” architecture, especially designed to handle very large-scale distributions of Xperience probes.Software probes can be embedded or installed at customer devices, collecting customer experience data directly from the device in use.These activities need most of the time a lot of efficiency with truck rolls to field sites on operational teams site initial deployments and during subsequent maintenance cycles, to avoid recurrency and optimize time and quality on the site validation processes.

So this optimizes the process of obtaining Qo E feedback with less costs on calls and acting preventively, correcting network issues before more complaints come in.

Probes are available for Android, for web portals via Java Script and HW Probes.

Streambow is today a leading provider of integrated quality of service (Qo S) and quality of experience (Qo E) assurance solutions, dedicated to carriers and service providers seeking to improve Customer Experience, Network and Service Performance, of their mission and revenue-critical service offerings.

Lessons 2 and 3 focus on how to protect users and the network, respectively. Federal Treasury may be different from best practice for a fast-food retailer.

Best practice definition For wireless security, "best practice" is a relative term. This is because each enterprise may assess wireless risk differently.

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