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Co Schedule is a marketing calendar where you can plan, strategize and execute your entire marketing strategy – content marketing, social media and any other marketing projects.In terms of social media marketing, you can use their editorial calendar to plan all of your social updates and easily publish them directly, or schedule them for later.Apart from monitoring your Twitter account, you can also publish and schedule tweets and add images to them.Pluggio is an all-in-one Twitter management tool that you can use to manage multiple Twitter accounts from the same place, increase your followers with their suggestions, publish and schedule tweets in bulk and automate feeds.It works with Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Google , Instagram and Pinterest and you can easily share great content, including images and videos and add content to your queue as you browse the web, with their browser extensions.Post Planner know the importance of consistently posting great content on social media – and not just yours, all day, every day.It’s a great option for those who need to post/schedule a lot of content, as it is very well organised.Create a content library and then create multiple categories to add content to.

You can also monitor your different accounts, as well as keywords and users, post and schedule updates, store your photos in their library for easy access and check your analytics.They help you save a lot of time by unifying all of your different profiles under one dashboard, so that you can post directly to your social accounts, schedule updates, get your mentions, set up monitoring searches and much more.Here are my favourite social media management tools for Twitter: Agorapulse is a social media management tool for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google and Linked In – but, obviously, we are going to focus on Twitter features here.You can use it to manage multiple social accounts from one place, publish and schedule content, set up monitoring searches, create lists and create analytics reports.Next in line is Sprout Social, a social media dashboard that works with Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, Google and Instagram.

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It works with numerous social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google , Linked In, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube.

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