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Fuck i almost forgot bout that, yeah who the hell is that? Never thought that was a fatal blow to Sasuke I hope this brings us closer to the conclusion. Inb4 this was all a genjutsu Macasu said: Dat cliffhanger. Also, Sasuke being all "I wish I could do that..." "I wanted to do this..." is unusual, but it was a bit emotional, it's rare to see him so helpless. This, is how every chapter should be done to me ^^ ! The only weakness Madara has shown so far was his vulnerability without the Rinnegan.

It can't possibly be obito, he's separated from zetsu and near death. Maybe bring them back and give them extra power ups or something? Fuck i almost forgot bout that, yeah who the hell is that? The only time Madara got damaged was when he was when he had no eyeballs. He's going to wake up from Izanami, realize his mistakes and join the allience, and use his edo tensei jutsu to reanimate the big shots and have them go up against madara.

Elsewhere, an attack from a miniature version of Hashirama's Sage Art Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands technique is fended off by the Third Hokage, who is one of the only ones left with enough chakra to fight.

The assailant is revealed to be Tobi, who still seems intent on uncovering the mechanics behind bowel movements.

I can't imagine just no one dying, someone is going to be sacrificed. I bet Hinata will either give up her chakra to Sakura to save Naruto.As far as the whole "Naruto Vs sasuke" thing, i really don't see that happening. Hinata can't do both of these things, that are essential to a shinobi whose powers aren't so great. Nah, seriously, if she fails to save him, she also fails at "taking care of Minato's son" (cf. But I think Hinata's "fail" was a way for Kishimoto to recall his reader of WHO is the heroine of the manga, and WHO is going to be effective this time.It is kind of obvious at this point that sasuke is not evil so why the hell would he have any reason to fight naruto. Her last panel was especially saddening, relying on a DEAD person by praying instead of a least having faith in the living medic-nins or something... Also, dat Naru Saku/Sasu Karin last page was just too much for my shipper heart (*w*) ! No long drawn bull shit, madara is just straight fcking shit up. After all they both have their goals to fulfill, i think sasuke is going to be another hashirama and create a society where their is no war, as far as the "evil" sasuke i don't think thats even going to happen unless orichimaru takes over his body or something. 5/5 Definitely sure it is yamato in that spiral zetsu normal zetsu cannot control Mokuton and Orochimaru kinda recognised him! Prediction: Sakura will get emotional over being unable to heal Naruto/flashback to Chiyo's tailed beast extraction speech and Minato will step in to save his son (that gift, anyone? Karin will become a blubbering mess over Sasuke and Orochimaru will step in and heal him. That trip was metaphoric for her role in the manga, honestly. This shit is more crazy then its ever been and the pacing is just perfect. I don't care which, I guess it'll be Sasuke (killing the titular character off? ), but I hope we have a more major death than Neji and... I don't believe naruto and sasuke is going to die lol.

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That would be pretty awesome and satisfying if that was the case. *calms down* but like someone said I am pretty sure certain people will step in and save them. But I have been keeping up with the story through a third party so I am not sure everything that has went on in a bit besides deaths, and sakura/naruto moments but this uggh anxiety central!! Itachi would have been proud of his brother resolve but school him for being in this position XD I can see one of them dying for now even though I'm sure that person is going to be brought back in the future. Don't know but right now Madara is saving this arc, just hope that Kishi doesn't shy away from killing characters.

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