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The watermill is now largely renovated and in running order.

Demonstrations are in operation on selected weekends, and flour and other products milled there are available for sale.

One of Abbot Samson's leases dated to 1186 to 1200, recorded that two watermills at Ingham were leased for life to Solomon of Whepstead.

By the time of the Hundred Rolls in 1280, Ingham had two watermills and one windmill.

The town's name indicates that a watermill was located very near to this spot.

The "ford at the mill" was a ford no longer, after 1762.

The bridge, which is shown here, crossed the Chad Brook, a tributary of the River Stour. Ingham Water Mill Domesday Book recorded a mill at Ingham dating back prior to 1066. Later Bradmere and Blackbourn would be united as the Blackbourn double hundred, presumably because some of the manorial holdings were inconveniently divided across the two areas.

Facts or suppositions about each mill will be included below, and the reader should be aware that in a time span of up to a thousand years, mill structures and methods will have changed, and even the site of the individual mill may have shifted somewhat.

The name "Melford" probably derives from the description of the ford which had to be crossed at the foot of Melford Green.

As part of the turnpiking of the road, the ford at Long Melford was finally bridged in 1762.

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Only a few watermills survived into the 20th century.

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