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Dwelly online dating

The abundance properties of nearby late-type galaxies II. Characterizing and commissioning the Sutherland High-Speed Optical Cameras (SHOC). Commissioning MOS and Fabry-Perot modes for the Robert Stobie spectrograph on the Southern African Large Telescope. Tracking progress: monitoring observing statistics and telescope usage at the Southern African Large Telescope.

the relation between abundance distributions and surface brightness profiles.

P., Ayane, G., Keeley, L., Matsididi, M., Mekonnen, G., Nhlapo, M.

S., Hettlage, C., O’Donoghue, D., Potter, S., Kniazev, A., Kotze, P., Romero-Colmenero, E., Vaisanen, P., …

New modular guidance system for the Southern African Large Telescope. New alignment procedure for the South African Astronomical Observatory’s 74-inch telescope.

S., Wilkinson, M., Lochner, W., Browne, K., Wiid, E., Van den Berg, R., 2016. A., Booth, J., Doss, D., Loubser, E., O’Connor, J., Sass, C., Sickafoose, A., Worters, H., 2016. Re-aluminising the primary mirror of the South African Astronomical Observatory”s 74-inch telescope.

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SALT tracker upgrade utilizing aerospace processes and procedures. Using the Greenbank Telescope with Gravitational Lensing and the VLA to search for HI Beyond z=0.25.

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