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OP...check your messages for a PM :)Some sites ARE (or sure seem to be) geared toward a younger demographic PS...YES, I got as far as the date section in reading your profile, so I got it is a joke!Check out high schools in red neck hillbilly areas, where the average age of someone finishing high school is mid twenties.The only problem is most of the girls will have 4 or 5 kids by then and the kids would have a startling resemblance to cousin Billy Bob.I made my profile good enough someone would understand it, but why judge it? No one has replyed, I sent a good decent message but, they are too picky. The first girl who replyed acted like a smarta$$ and the second said I wasn't her type , but I saw she likes the same NFL team that I like and love going camping.Like I said, some women on here are selfcentered that they're worried what their friends think they dated me. The really cute ones probably get more in a day than any guy in this thread gets in a year.Most 20 somethings are out and about right about now.... Internet dating does well for people later in life with full time jobs, careers, kids, etc....

The same favorite sports team and a common interest in camping is barely scratching the surface of meshing personalities.

This is why you should tell each and every attractive woman you meet to bake you cookies.

She'll joke and put up a fight, but in the end she knowns if she doesn't bake those damn cookies she's worthless.

Still, gotta tell you, it's sort of like playing w/ fire to go that route because many will miss the humor and so...opppps, they hit next.

You might want to put your profile up in "Profile Review" section.

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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

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