Dating cast iron cornbread stick pans

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A classic gremolata perfumes the lamb; the mixture of garlic, lemon, and parsley holds its own against the strong flavor of the meat. After spending 35 hours on research and putting nine cast-iron pans (including super high-end and vintage ones) through a battery of tests, we think the iconic Lodge pre-seasoned 12-inch skillet is best for most people.And that old tin of baking soda may have just found a whole new purpose ...This classic should be in every Southern woman's repertoire.Matt Hartings, professor of chemistry at American University and author of told us, “Cast iron is heavy and dense, and that is the biggest thing it has going for it.It takes a while for the cast iron to really be preheated to where you can use it.The roomy 10-inch cooking area is one of the largest of the pans we tested.

We also had some issues with the long handle, which throws off the weight distribution and makes the skillet seem heavier (even though it weighs less than our top pick).The sloped sides allow you to stretch the limits of its generous 10¼-inch cooking surface area (the Lodge’s measures 10 inches).In our tests, seared steaks and fried eggs were on a par with our top pick.Donna Sky, owner of the Love & Hummus Co., shares a quick tip for those of you who make hummus at home.In fact, two tips: One is that dried beans are best.

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