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Asterix i obelix u britaniji online dating

Un satuc breton e decis sa-i reziste, dar acum i s-au cam epuizat resursele.Iar sarcina lor e departe de a fi ajuns la vreun sfarsit. In satucul in chestiune Asterix si Obelix sunt deja ocupati pana peste capm caci seful lor le-a incredintat nepotul Șmecherix, proaspat sosit de la Lutetia ca sa aiba grija de el si, mai ales, ca sa faca barbat din el.

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Cand Flegmatix soseste ca sa le ceara ajutorul, i se ofera un butoi cu potiunea magica, dar si doi companioni care vor avea grija ca pretioasa licoare sa ajunga cu bine la destinatie.

Asa pornesc Asterix si Obelix intr-o noua aventura, in care il iau si pe Șmecherix, fiindca se prevede a fi o ocazie prea buna sa fie ratata pentru ca acesta sa-si desavarseasca educatia.

The potion barrel is destroyed by the Romans (one of the few successes they have during the whole of the series, which is a nice change of pace) but Asterix pretends he's able to make the potion again, using some leaves that he took from Getafix (actually tea leaves, so they add to the hot water than most Britons drink, ergo having Asterix "invent" the tea that Britain drinks! The Briton Chief (Mykingdomforanos) leads the village to victory against the Romans, and then tells Asterix he knows that it wasn't potion, but the psychological advantage was crucial. This one plays off the stiff-upper-lipped English against the hot-blooded Gauls.

Anticlimax is Asterix's cousin "once removed" (a nomenclature which confuses Obelix no end) from England, who is in Gaul to seek Asterix's help for his village, which is still holding out against Caesar.

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So Obelix and Asterix cross the channel with a barrel of magic potion - but the end is surprisingly different from what one would expect.

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